Summer 2021 is bringing back 8 weeks of ” SUMMER FUN” with videos posted to our Youtube channel.  What this means is that you can get free access to all our online content through our YouTube Channel (Subscribe here) which will be posted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week of the summer.

For those who weren’t yet registered for camp or want to get to be part of the KWASIND Summer Fun experience you and still sign up through this link SIGN UP FOR SUMMER FUN and select from the e-news list: “SUMMER FUN” to be added to our weekly emails.


This SUMMER FUN weekly programming will include fun and crazy videos, challenges and activities daily from some of your favourite Kwasind staff. Things making memories with Tangled, dancing with Kanga, songs with Marlin and special video messages from our amazing speakers of the week, along with worship songs are just some of the things you can expect over the next two months.

All video content will be available on our YouTube channel so be sure your family is subscribed and have turned on notifications! Weekly emails will outline where to find the videos as well as the at home activities and any supplies you may need for that week. At Kwasind we love camp, but we love our Kwasind families more. We hope this online experience will bless your family with a touch of Kwasind from right in your living room as we look forward to an EPIC summer in 2021.



Crafts is a great elective at camp so of course it had to be a part of our Kwasind Summer Fun! Look out for the weekly email which will highlight all the supplies and instructions for how you can get crafty this summer!


Expect the unexpected. Fun, Fun and more Fun captures the WOW moments of camp. From jokes, random videos to outrageous talents, Fun, Fun and more Fun has it all. Get ready for tons of surprises from your staff this summer!


Kwasind believes in the holistic development of campers – including spiritual growth in being able to move one step closer to Jesus. This segment brings together the much loved worship songs of camp with the highly anticipated learnings from our “speakers of the week”.  We have modified this section to be short almost “vesper” experiences matched with great worship songs to sing along to!


Missing campfire songs and skits this summer? Campfire Memories has you covered. This is one of our favourite segments where you can sing along with some of your favourite staff as they lead us in the best songs and skits from around the Kwasind campfire circle.


Want to learn something new this summer? Follow along with our weekly videos to learn many things like – how to “Adventures with Tangled“, “Dance with Kanga” and SO MUCH MORE! Why didn’t I Think of That will have you getting active, learning new skills and having tons of fun!



…though for those interested and able – it would be a huge blessing if you would consider a donation to CAMP KWASIND to support our significant on-going day to day operational expenses and help us with our fixed 2020 expenses and launch us towards our EPIC 2021 Summer.

Click here to make a tax-deductible Donation!