Teen Week

August 29-September 4, 2021 (ages 14-17)  

There is no better way to end off the summer than with Teen Week.  You may have heard that in previous years this week was packed full of fireworks, random adventures and full of laughs! Well, as usual, this year we are taking things to a whole new level!  It’s a week of checking things off your “BUCKET LIST” – it is your entrance into this crazy week of adventures with friends, more candy that we care to acknowledge, and discovering when you look at your life – who you are matters. Teen Week does something really well – it takes a wild themed-programming and relaxing with friends to create great memories taken to the next level.  So whether you just chilled all summer, had to work a summer job or got to serve at camp all summer, you can all come together for one awesome end of summer bash!  So while there is lots of things we want to do in this life –  what really matters is getting to living a life that makes a difference for others as it is rooted in the hope that is found in Jesus.

Check out Teen Week 2019 below: