No better time than now to start getting our campers ages 9-12 unplugged and connected into the natural environment and have an INTRO EXPERIENCE to OUT-TRIPPING!

One of the values of camp is to get young people exploring the outdoors and appreciating God’s creation.  We have a unique ability being situated in the Muskoka area in that we have access to some great areas and lakes for doing multiple day canoe trips.

As we develop and expand our out-tripping program we are providing both a beginner level experience known as EXPLORERS and a more advanced level, known as L.E.A.P.

These programs are led by trained out-trippers and NLS guards and will give the chance for young people to learn how to build campfires, canoe, understand what makes for a good campsite, read a map, how to cook around a campfire and set up tents.  They will also be building deep friendships and exploring Christian faith conversations.


Girls Ages 9-12 | Aug 13 – 19, 2023 |

Boys Ages 9-12 | Aug 13- 19, 2023 | 


Explorers has been a newly created program designed to introduce campers to out-tripping! The aim of this program is for those 9-12 to build confidence and a love for the outdoors through this safe entry level wilderness canoe trip experience.

We have specialized and trained trippers who will lead the program and will see campers learn everything from how to hold a paddle to how to properly pack a wannigan – Explorers covers it all. Starting with a night under the stars at Camp Kwasind, campers learn the basics of how to pack their dry sack, get an introduction to canoeing and learn how to set up their tent. Over the course of the four-day canoe trip (and bonus island stay) campers will learn how to paddle and steer a canoe, start a fire, set up and take down their tent and how to successfully complete a portage!

We explore creation and celebrate God’s work through learning about what it means to care for and appreciate creation.  Each evening and throughout the trip, campers will have time to recharge, play games and spend time in community with others and with God!

Note: we offer a Girls Explorers Program and a Boys Explorers Program.

Top 10 Things to Note:

  1. Our first and last nights at Camp are spent in a tent on camp property
  2. Each child will need their own dry sack and appropriate camping attire
  3. Additional baggage, clothes and toiletries will be secured at camp while on trip
  4. Our trained and certified staff ensure that every camper learns and has a great time while on the trip
  5. The Explorers trip is all about teaching and learning to love camping and the outdoors
  6. There is no need to bring any food with you, we supply it all!
  7. We take all precautions to ensure all risk management is followed and the safety of campers and outtripping staff is a priority
  8. A packing list will be provided for what to bring on the trip in the weeks prior to your arrival at Kwasind
  9. Each trip has a certified tripper leading it and a wilderness first aid trained leader
  10. There are daily prayer times and a daily bible study