SESSION 1: Kwasind’s Got Talent

At camp we know that everyone has something to offer from the arts, to sports, to crazy human tricks and more… let’s see how talented and creative both staff and campers can be!  This will be guaranteed to be a week full of hilarious memories, special “awe moments” and fun cabin challenges!  Get ready to see something that you have never seen before at Kwasind and be part of making lasting memories at campfire, around camp and with your cabinmates! But more importantly, you will see that God created each one of us with talents, gifts and abilities for His glory and for how we can live out God’s love for our world.

SESSION 2: Your Wildest Adventure

There is no greater way to spend your summer than with experiencing YOUR WILDEST ADVENTURES – each day is a new day of adventures and you never know what the next day will hold or where the theme will go as we chase after all our wildest and fun adventures.  This week will be one of the greatest experiences of memory-making WOW moments as we encounter a God who loves the whole world and shows us how life with Him is the greatest adventure and we get the chance to choose to live this awesome life.

SESSION 3: Creating the Unexpected

This week we will get to create the unexpected as we enter into the mad science laboratory and see what mystery is being created.  With lots of people in white lab coats running around camp there must be something crazy being created.  This is your chance to join in on the fun to use your creative skills, help solve the problems, gather the necessary supplies and see just what is possible when we all work together for something greater!  And while we will be creating some unusual things, we will also be experiencing how God the master Creator made each one of us and wants us to join Him in caring for all of creation and making a creative difference in this world.

SESSION 4: Becoming A Champion!

What a week this will be when we’ll all get to have some friendly competition as we get to try out some fun and unusual “olympic” games around camp.  This is your chance to be part of a team as you aim to become a champion and get the gold medal.  As we light the torch and let the games begin we will see that living life to the fullest is more than just getting a Gold medal but the chance to experience the hope, the grace and the purpose we have in living a life following after Jesus.

SESSION 5: Splish Splash Let’s have a Blast!

Kwasind has the greatest waterfront, but it also has the greatest land for water fun, both on and off the water!  This week will be one crazy, hilarious, adventurous week where, throughout the week, there will be random characters from underwater-themed movies making an appearance and all sorts of surprise visits and adventures as we see just what amazing stuff is found under the sea!  As there is a whole new world under the sea, we will explore how God created our world with so much to discover, and that there is the beauty of His world, full of such diversity, all united together in the family of God through His Son, Jesus.

SESSION 6: Once Upon a Time… It got Crazy

We’ve all heard different fairytales and we all know how they end up…but that is all about to change!  This week at Kwasind is going to see how all sorts of fairytales all get mixed up and it leads to very different endings and adventures along the way.  You certainly don’t want to miss out on all the fun, games and challenges that will happen as we see things get a little crazy.  And while these fairytales will all get retold and changed up, we will see that God’s story is no fairytale – it is true, remains the same, we know the hope that is to come and that each one of us has a role to play in joining in God’s story.

SESSION 7: Super Heroes Unite! 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – YOU! Create your own superhero and work with your cabinmates and the staff to save the day as you get to complete the fun daily challenges and new adventures.  This will be great week of making costumes, capes and masks (or bring your own) and discovering your own super-powers and how everyone needs to work together.  Each and every one of us is created unique by God – discovering how we can be ordinary people that get to do extraordinary things for God in making this world a better place.