SESSION 1: Power Up! Superhero Academy

Superheroes have arrived at Kwasind and have set up a full week of seeing every camper discover their SUPERHERO powers.  There is no question that CAMP KWASIND would be the location that all superheroes would converge in order to rally together the BEST CAMPERS on the planet to discover their true super powers and make a difference in their world.  This is our chance have incredible amounts of fun, grow in our superhero powers, discover new things and meet the greatest of all superheroes!  Through this whole week – we will be discovering that the the greatest power is living within us as the Holy Spirit helps us get through the good and tough times of life, gives us purpose and strength and lets us see how we are each made unique by God to be a difference maker here on planet earth using our own gifts and talents.

SESSION 2: Prehistoric Treasure Hunters

Whether it is an archeological dig, being chased by a T-Rex or seeing things of history be discovered – there is so much fun, adventure and hilarious new experiences each day that we set out around camp to discover prehistoric treasures!  We never know who we might encounter or what we might encounter as our TREASURE HUNTING GUIDE helps us uncover what has remained hidden for years.  This week will be a great reminder that God is not just something in the past or history that He is greater than all history and is alive and well and can be part of our everyday lives!

SESSION 3: Myths, Legends & Mystery

From Knights of the Roundtable to Fairies & Unicorns, this week will experience everything you can imagine in world of mystery, legend and myths as we set up for an EXTRAORDINARY clash of fun, challenge, mystery, and opportunities to journey through this fantasyland!  You certainly don’t want to miss out on all the fun, games and challenges that will happen as we see things get a little crazy through the fun of the mystery that gets revealed.  And while this fantasyland will bring about all sorts of twists and turns, we will see that there is a King and His Word that can be trusted, who is true, remains the same, and we know we can have in hope.

SESSION 4: Animals on the Loose!

The animals have escaped from the zoo and are making their way all through camp!  As we seek to find where the animals are hidden on their giant quest to discover the meaning of their lives.  Let’s see if we can gathering all back together as only then will we see how together we all will find greater purpose in our lives!  This week will be one crazy, hilarious, adventurous week where, throughout the week, there will be random animal characters on the run and making surprise appearances on their quest for purpose.  As there is a whole new world beyond the zoo for them to discover who they are meant to be, we will explore how God created our world with so much to discover, and that there is the beauty of His world, full of such diversity, all united together in the family of God through His Son, Jesus.

SESSION 5: Candyland & More…

What a week this will be when we go through a mashup of Board Game characters and challenges all coming to life.  What might begin in CANDYLAND will end up in different board game settings while meeting new characters each day as we compete in  memorable and outright hilarious “board game challenges that come to life”.   Get ready to have fun PLAYING all week long as you step into the real life game challenges, all in hopes enjoying CANDYLAND and winning at the GAME OF LIFE! This is your chance to be part of the best game of all and seeing that winning at the GAME OF LIFE is way more than just a board game but is the living life to fullest that we have when it has Jesus at the Centre.

SESSION 6: Lost Island Exploration

We are all stranded on what we thought was a deserted island – only to find out there is so much life and adventure to be held as we explore the LOST KWASIND ISLAND!  This is your chance to join in on the fun to use your creative skills, help solve the problems, gather the necessary supplies and see just what is possible when we all work together for something greater!  So while we will be creating new adventures each day, discovering the hidden treasure and figuring out how to survive on this lost island – we will also be experiencing how God the master Creator who helps us be found when it seems we are lost and sees us as great treasure.  God wants us to join Him in exploring and caring for our whole world as we live out his love and his purpose for us.

SESSION 7: Time Travellers

There is no greater way to spend your summer than with experiencing TIME TRAVEL – each day is a new day of adventures into the great unknown in search of a wild journey through space and time.  Woh knows where on earth or in the galaxy we might end up!  There is lots to explore so let’s make this one of the greatest experiences of WOW moments you’ve ever had as we encounter a God who loves the whole world in all its uniqueness and shows us that despite how HUGE the universe and special our Planet is – that we are so important to Him and that life with Him is the greatest adventure that we get to choose to live.