At Camp Kwasind, we recognize that you as parents, guardians and grandparents put a huge trust in ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy summer camp experience for your kids and youth each year!

While this has always been a high priority and value for Kwasind, now more than ever we are moving forward with enhanced health and safety measures and taking serious our response to COVID-19 to ensure we are able to do our best in providing a camp that will be safe, healthy & fun!



We are introducing increased cleaning, disinfectant and sanitization measures around ALL OF CAMP.

  • Cabins and Large Rooms will have a deep cleaning/disinfectant will occur between every session of campers with the use of disinfectant foggers and new sanitization procedures
  • Dining Hall, Kwasind Centre, Lodge, Bathrooms and other gathering places will be cleaned and disinfected 3 times a day with focused on high touch areas – door handles, light switches and counter tops
  • All shared equipment will be cleaned between uses
  • Hand Sanitization stations will be easily accessible around camp


Our staff will all be going through additional health and safety training in response to new COVID-19 measures:

  • How and when to properly use Personal Protective Equipment (ie. gloves, mask, gowns etc)
  • Going over proper technique for cleaning and disinfecting procedures as related cabins, equipment used in electives, bathrooms and large room space
  • Trained in new procedures related to handling of meal times, campfires, large camp-wide games and in cabin time
  • Updated in necessary welcome day procedures


We will be working closely with Simcoe Muskoka Public Health Unit in the management of our new safety and health procedures:

  • We have protocols in place in consultation with public health for how to assess, monitor, report and isolate any symptomatic visitor, staff or camper
  • We will have a thorough screen station in place for checking all guests, staff or campers to be checked and provide for detailed tracing
  • There will be the installation of appropriate barriers in places where physical distancing is not possible
  • There will be cleaning and disinfectant logs tracking the daily procedures
  • Campers and staff will be monitored and checked to ensure they are healthy


We will be elevating our personal hygiene for staff and campers – specifically in regards to hand cleaning!

  • New hand washing stations will be situated around camp
  • Each cabin will have rotations times for hand washing
  • Before and after all meals there will be hand washing or hand sanitization
  • More hand sanitization locations set up around camp in high traffic areas
  • Teaching campers and staff proper hand washing techinque


We have 75 new thick foam mattresses with special vinyl covers that are easily cleaned and disinfected – and it will provide campers with a much better and healthier rest each night.

With the additional of the new Kwasind Centre we have now doubled our seating and activity space which will allow to better physically distance during meal time, rain day activities and electives.

We will be upgrading elements of our air filtration and ventilation systems air the Kwasind Centre.  We are also ensuring good air flow through all main building and ensure screens are on all windows of cabins in order to keep windows open for constant flow of fresh air.

We have a new electrical system and back up power generator that will allow us to keep our kitchen, septic system, emergency lighting and water system fully functional even during an extended power outage.

* All enhanced safety and healthy measures and procedures that we will have in place for Summer 2022 will be affirmed collectively by Simcoe Muskoka Public Health Unit, a Kwasind Health Advisory team and our the Kwasind senior leadership team and inline with all government required regulations.


Access to 25 Camp Activities/Electives instead of just 2 options

Click here to find out more about ALL ACCESS PASS

This ALL ACCESS PASS means that throughout the day the program will now be set up to have 5 instead of 2 electives/camp activities each day in which camper will rotate through within their designated Cohort Group – in total they will have 25 experiences over the week!

This is great to ensure that we provide a best practice related to our health and safety measures. With the All Access Pass we are able to ensure that camper cohorts (from different cabins or designated smaller groupings) do not mix throughout the week and allows for effective tracing.  Historically, each camper would get 2 elective choices which would have them interacting with campers of all ages, now they will get 25 experiences, just with their own cohort.  The All Access Pass ensures that campers are still able to get to do the elective they really like – they just now they get access to try every other element at camp as well throughout the week.

This is unique for this year as is a great chance for campers to explore and try new activities while still being able to get a chance to do their much loved ones!


Smaller Groupings for Safer Experience

Why Cohorting at Camp?

In order to meet the anticipated Public Health requirements to opening camp – we will need to recreate the camp program in such a way that is built around either cabin groups or smaller preset groups based on age that will “COHORT” for the week.  While this is a different experience than many years – it will allow for great age directed programming, great friendship building amongst peers and chance at more camp opportunities while almost looking to create large group gathering that are safe, approved and bring back the campwide camp fun!.  This Cohort Experiencing doesn’t mean that siblings or friends from outside the cohort will never be able to see each other – but it will be done with the necessary government/public health required masking and physical distancing if that is still required. It also doesn’t mean that campfires or large outdoor games can’t happen – it just means that things will need to be innovative and creative when it comes to health and safe programming in the cohorting experience.

The value of cohorting is that it maximizes the cabin/cohort bonding and connection with leaders, better allows for contract tracing, it improves ability to make camp feel more like camp when just with your cohort, it minimize any potential spread and it opens up the opportunity for change to see how we can continue to provide new and improved program elements in future years!


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