More Summer 2022  Camp Information will be coming:


At Kwasind we use the theme each week to create memorable experiences for each camper through which they will have many “WOW” moments.  With some of the best and most creative staff, we will be having a new theme each week of our camp program which will be revealed through challenges, activities, meals, worship, chapel, and wide-games. Campers will meet new characters and have fun adventures throughout the week!

Camper Weeks 1-7 / Teen Week / LEAP / Explorers

Week Dates Ages 2022 Registration Fees
Week 1 “Arrgh…Get The Treasure” July 3-9 7-15 $550
Week 2 “Out of This World” July 10-16 7-15 $550
Week 3 “Going Under the Seas July 17-23 7-15 $550
Week 4 (Note: Sun-Fri) “Holiday Mashup” July 24-29 7-15 $495
Week 5  (Note: Mon-Sat) “Night At the Museum” Aug 1 – 6 7-15 $495
Week 6 “Crazy Medieval Times” Aug 7-13 7-15 $550
Week 7 “It’s A Mystery” Aug 14-20 7-15 $550
Teen Week  “Ultimate Reality Challenge” Aug 21-27 14-17 $565
LIT July 2-29 16-17 $1897
LEAP Aug 7-20 13-15 $1298
Explorers – Girls & Boys July 24-29 9-12 $525
* Early Bird rate ended January 7, 2022 at 11:59pm – if you need financial assistance, please contact


Summer Camp Details (Based on Public Health Approval)


Bus transportation is provided for an additional fee either one-way or round trip from Toronto.

**  not available for LIT, EXPLORERS or Epic Family Getaway Weekend


We are running a special program on Saturday for campers who are registered for two consecutive sessions.  What this means is that campers will now have the option to stay-over at camp between sessions (Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) for an additional fee in which we have camp staff running a unique stay-over program catered specifically to that group of campers.

Laundry Services (Optional)

If registered for two consecutive sessions, campers have the option to purchase laundry services to have their clothing washed over the weekend between camp sessions.


We are using BUNK1 camper email service to have their parents, family and friends send some short emails which will be delivered to the campers during the weekly sessions. Close to camp session time, parents will be sent instructions on how to sign up for the service which will include access to all session camp photos (free) and, as an option, the ability to email campers (for a modest cost).

We do ask for parents’ and family discretion in sending emails to campers as it can actually trigger homesickness, not only in other campers who do not receive any mail, but also in the camper him/herself.  We ask that emails are kept short, positive, without stressing how much they are missed or what they are missing at home.  Focus on excitement to hear stories of all the camp activities once they get home from camp will help the camper stay focused on enjoying camp and staying connected with leaders and campmates.

We respectfully request that parents do not leave packages to be delivered to camper during the camp session as cabin leaders find that it disrupts their cabin time with campers, and also triggers homesickness in others.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We recognize that not only do plans change sometimes and you must withdraw your child from camp, but that we are also living in uncertain times and decisions surrounding safety and health are needing to be taken into account as we look towards what we see is to be a LEGENDARY 2022 Summer at Kwasind.

Here are some helpful dates to know in regard to cancellations and refunds that will be issued.

  • Cancellations made before April 15, 2022 will receive a full 100% refund – no questions asked and no administrative fee.
  • Cancellations made between April 15 and 2 weeks prior to the start of camp, will receive a full refund of summer camp fees & transportation fees if applicable less a $25/week administration fee.
  • Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp will not receive a refund (includes camp fees and transportation fees if applicable), unless there is a medical reason with support from a doctor, in which case you will receive a full refund minus a $25/week administrative fee.
  • For reasons related to dismissal from camp due to disciplinary action, late arrivals or early departures, campers will not receive any refunds.

COVID-19 Cancellation Situations

  • If Camp Kwasind is required to closed due to COVID-19 as mandated by the government or by the decision of the camp leadership, all families will receive a 100% no-hassle full refund of all summer camp fees.
  • Should you choose Camp Kwasind, and later decide you need to keep your child at home this summer due to COVID-19 concerns, we’ve got your back. Camp Kwasind will offers a no-hassle full refund of summer camp fees less $25/week for administrative costs.

Medical Cancellation Situations

  • If your child is required to not come to camp or needing to leave camp early due to physician orders due to illness (including the potential requirement for those with symptoms of COVID-19 to have to leave) you will receive a refund for the fees for the unused time at camp minus a $25 administrative fee.