No better time than now to start getting our youth unplugged and connected into the natural environment!

One of the values of camp is to get young people exploring the outdoors and appreciating God’s creation.  We have a unique ability being situated in the Muskoka area in that we have access to some great areas and lakes for doing multiple day canoe trips.

As we develop and expand our out-tripping program we are providing both a beginner level experience known as EXPLORERS and a more advanced level, known as L.E.A.P.

These programs are led by trained out-trippers and NLS guards and will give the chance for young people to learn how to build campfires, how to canoe, understand what makes for a good campsite, read a map, how to cook around a campfire and set up tents.  They will also be building deep friendships and exploring Christian faith conversations.

L.E.A.P. Experience

Learn Skills. Explore Faith. Adventure Based. Personal Growth.

August 7 -August 20, 2022 | Ages 13-15 |  

Camp Kwasind is providing a top-level two-week adventure-driven experience for teens (13-15) seeking to Learn skills and Explore faith, through Adventure-based experiences that will focus on Personal growth. LEAP truly is an experience at Kwasind unlike any other. This program has been designed to integrate the best of an on-site summer camp program with the addition of a wilderness canoe trip and a few special team-building adventures.

With a main focus on “challenge”, campers are stretched to grow personally, spiritually and physically through various activities and extreme amounts of fun! Over the course of the two weeks, campers get to experience all the favourite camp activities like kayaking and archery, enjoy the beautiful waterfront, but then added to that is an adventure on a 5-day canoe trip as well as finishing off the program with a special surprise activity unique to every LEAP group.

But more than just the fun and games, LEAP is a program designed to prepare you for what’s next – whether it’s our LIT program, high school or simply day-to-day life. Throughout the two weeks at LEAP we take an in-depth look at a specific book of the Bible and learn applicable ways to incorporate our faith in Jesus into our daily lives. From fun to faith, LEAP covers it all and is a great way to get to camp this summer and take one step closer to Jesus!

* space is limited with priority given to those who are 14-15.

What does a typical L.E.A.P. schedule look like?

Day 1: Welcome Day / Team Building / Campfire

Day 2 – 3: Water-based Skill Learning / Adventure Based Camp Program

Day 4 : Wilderness Skill Learning / Trip Prep & Packing / Camp Program

Day 5 – 10: Wilderness Canoe Trip

  • Learning map reading / canoeing / fire building / food preparation
  • Morning – personal time with God
  • Lunch – leader-led devotional
  • Evening – Vespers & campfire

Day 10: Arrive back to camp program

Day 11: Chapel / Off-Site Adventure-Based Experience / Camp Fire

Day 12:  Chapel / On-Site Service & Leadership Learning with LITs / Camp Fire

Day 13: Chapel / Final Day Camp Program / Say-So Campfire

Day 14: Head Home



  1. We’re not at camp the whole time (we get to go on a 4-5 day canoe trip!)
  2. We don’t follow the regular camp schedule (we get to do our own thing)
  3. The canoe trip isn’t scary! Before we go we practice how to set up the tents, build a fire, paddle and portage a canoe and go over everything you need to know for a week in the woods!
  4. You will also receive a packing list prior to coming to camp with everything you need for the canoe trip on it.
  5. LEAP is a jam packed program. There are little pockets of free time but for the most part we have scheduled activities. (yes, you will still get to visit the Tuck Shop)
  6. We have lots of fun with so much of the program being a surprise!
  7. We focus on one book of the Bible during our bible study. We look at who wrote it, the history, context and then how we can take those teachings and apply it to our daily life.