Camp Kwasind offers a summer camp program that is highly structured. We have specific expectations for full participation by all campers in the program.

Our camp features a beautiful waterfront and bases many of the summer activities around that waterfront and all of the activities that can be carried out there. There are things that you can’t do at home that can only be done at camp!

Staff Supervision

Our staff go through intensive training to supervise and instruct campers throughout the day. Each camper cabin has two full time leaders that work with the campers throughout the day and night. The ratio is approximately 1 cabin leader for every 6 campers in the cabins. When combined with our other on-site staff, the supervisor to camper ratio is about 1 staff for every 3 campers.

Activity Options 2024

We have a number of activities, some are specifically for electives and some are accessible for all.

Water Activities: Swimming, Inflatable Catapult Swing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Water-skiing (teen week), Tower Jumping, Inflatable Iceberg, Inflatable Volleyball Court, Paddle boarding, Paddle boating, etc.

Land Activities: S.T.E.M., Archery, Frisbee Golf, Rock Wall Climbing, Drama, Video, Baseball, Basketball, Ball Hockey, Crafts, Music, Soccer, Challenge Course & Low Ropes, Wilderness Survival, Dance, Ukulele, Field Sports, Prayer Path, etc.

And so much more…


There are a few elements that will happen each day in the life of camp:

  • 3 Meals
  • Morning Chapel & Musical Worship
  • 2 Electives
  • Free Time / Cabin Time
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Options (offered each afternoon)
  • Vespers
  • Campfire
  • Camp Wide-games

Meals and Food

Kwasind has made quality food for campers a priority and the experience of sharing food together as a core value to the experience of being at camp.  To do this we have all our meals catered by G.B. Catering and served “family style” with dishes being brought to the table to be shared with everyone at the table.

We say or sing grace to begin the meal, and campers remain in the dining hall until the meal has concluded and they are dismissed to their next activity along with their leaders.

Our menu is balanced based on Canada’s Food Guide with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables served each day. Our dining hall is regularly inspected by local health officials.

Health Care

Health care and safety is a top priority for Camp Kwasind which is why we always have on-site a registered nurse from a hospital that focuses on kids. In addition to this on-site nurse, many of the staff are trained in first aid and as first-responders.

Special medications that are required by campers are administered by the camp nurse. Campers do not keep medications with them outside of the healthcare centre. Outside of special and prescribed medications, the healthcare centre at the camp has a comprehensive supply of treatments.

If a camper becomes injured or ill beyond what can safely be managed at camp by the nurse, they are taken in to Bracebridge or Huntsville to be seen by a physician in either a clinic or the hospital.

Accommodations and Washrooms

Campers live in cabins (4 walls, solid floor and a roof) while at camp. These cabins usually accommodate between 10 and 14 people. Each cabin has two leaders working with the campers. The leaders also sleep in the cabins with the campers. Bunks are securely built into the cabins. These buildings are regular inspected to ensure they continue to remain bug and rodent free.

There are high quality washrooms located in separate buildings close to the camper cabins. They contain toilets, sinks and showers. Washrooms are deep cleaned in the morning daily and touched up / disinfected in the evening each day.

Technology at Camp

We seek to give campers the chance to unplug while they are at camp.  While we use technology in our programming, in our office and in our teaching spaces – we try to focus our energies on being in community in the outdoors.

We ask that campers do not bring electronics or cellphones to camp as there is a high chance of them being damaged, lost or misplaced.  Moreover, it is about building community with those present.  If campers need to be in touch with parents, that is coordinated through our Managing Director.

Homesick Campers

We specialize in first time campers and as part of that we train our staff on how to help homesick campers.  Our goal at Camp Kwasind is to have the campers so involved with activities and fun from first thing in the morning until last thing at night, that they don’t even have time to think about missing home. A parent who is unsure about sending their child to camp can create an aura of homesickness for a child. Talking with your child about all of the fun things that will take place at camp is a good way to prepare them for their time. Talking with your child about how much they will be missed at home can be problematic.  We have strategies to help campers cope who may become homesick and will work with the parents to ensure that the experience of camp is positive.