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Being a member of our staff team means knowing what it is to have fun, go deeper, serve faithfully and make a difference all together as a team. A Kwasind staff member is being someone who has a love for Jesus, has a desire to serve others, knows how to have fun, is hardworking, and is willing to step up and take initiative.

Read all the info below and then click the APPLY button at the bottom.

What is Application Process?

  1. Begin by asking yourself- Why do i want to serve at Camp Kwasind & Where is God leading me to serve Him this summer? 
  2. Read below about the different positions needed to be filled at camp this summer and read their job description by clicking on the title of the role – Contracts/Roles for the various positions range from 1 to 11 weeks in length during the summer.
  3. As Camp Kwasind is owned and operated by the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec, click here to read about the Statement of Belief and it is there you can download “This We Believe” which gives an overview of Christian faith values and beliefs that those who serve at Camp Kwasind are to align to and live out in their lives.
  4. Click at the bottom of this page the Application Button to start applying for a camp position for Summer 2022.  Once you have logged for the first time, as you fill out the section it will be saved so you don’t have to do it all in one setting – so best to at least start it and then come back to complete it.
  5. We will need to have your three references contacted to finalize your application.
  6. Once you application is submitted and it has been reviewed, if you we will be moving forward with you, we will set up an interview time.  We will be setting up some interviews this fall/winter with most interviews to start in early FEBRUARY 2022 through END OF APRIL – we appreciate all applications, only candidates being considered will be contacted for an interview.
  7. If you are accepted for a staff or volunteer position for Summer 2022, you will be contacted by email to affirmed your desire to move ahead with the position.
  8. TIMELINE: Applications will open in September 2021, Interviews will on an ongoing basis with decisions about staffing being  made on an on-going basis.  If you have any questions about this, email with the subject title as “Staffing Question”

Key things to know about serving at Camp Kwasind?

  1. As a Christian community we are focused on helping all campers move one-step closer to Jesus we are looking for staff who are followers of Jesus as their Lord & Saviour that are connect with a faith community (a church), who want to serve the needs of others, values servant-leadership, and desire to help others grow closer to Jesus.
  2. We are elevating our summer staff training this year to include online training sessions beginning in March (they will be posted to a google classroom for those who get hired after this point to be viewed later).  We will be having an all staff mandatory orientation day online on May 7, 2022 and all to be part of Summer Staff Leadership & Development Week June 26 to July 2, 2022.
  3. Staff we will be given a Staff t-shirt that they are to wear on all opening & closing days at camp as our uniform.
  4. All Staff will need to agree to follow, and support any necessary COVID-19 restrictions, plans and procedures that are put in place for the Summer and adapt to any changes that are required by Public Health or the Government.
  5. Police checks will be required for those who will be 18 years or older during their time serving at camp, with those who are 25+ requiring a vulnerable sector check – the cost of this is the responsibility of the applicant.
  6. Each staff member will have a day off .  Cabin leaders and select staff will have from Lunch on Saturday till start of Chapel on Sunday, other staff will be needing to take their time during the week as agreed upon with whom they report to and the Managing Director.
  7. Accommodations: Cabin staff will be paired up with another leader and staying in the cabin with campers.  Other staff will be in shared accommodation space.  All accommodations will have electricity and will require leaving the building to access the closest washroom.
  8. All staff will need to have a completed and signed staff agreement form, a submitted medical form and T4 form.

** Key dates to put on the calendar: May 7th (Staff Orientation), June 21th (Senior Staff Training) & June 25th (Staff Training begins) 

What is it like working at Camp Kwasind?

All positions are seasonal contracts and require residence at the camp during later June, July and August.

Serving at camp in a leadership capacity is a high investment of time matched with a high impact in the lives of campers. Each staff members gets one day off per week.  Accommodations are provided in a staff cabin or room shared with 1 or more other staff members / volunteers of the same gender. All meals and snacks will be eaten with the campers and other staff in the dining hall.

While the work that is done as a staff member is important, we hire fully committed followers of Jesus as we are part of a Christian community while at camp, and desire that all staff live in a way that our attitudes, actions and words reflect the person and message of Jesus and Christian faith and values.

We will be investing into Staff Personal & Spiritual well being

  1. We are creating a new staff lounge in the Kwasind Centre as a place for staff to refresh, renew and build community with one another.
  2. We also will have on site a day or two a week a counsellor to help with the Mental Health of staff members, while also having a few of our senior staff equipped in Mental Health First Aid.
  3. To care for the spiritual growth and care for staff, we ask all staff to attend and participate in morning prayer & team meetings, be part of daily “faith practise” time with other staff and be at Sunday morning chapel service.
  4. Staff will be spiritual leaders through being with campers during daily chapels, lead in devotional time with campers, make time for their own devotions and share their God story with campers.

Core Staff Values – SO DO IT!

S – Service At Every Opportunity

O – Over & Above

D – Due Diligence

O – Outright Christ-Focused

I – Innovation

T – Teamwork


Working at Camp Kwasind is a conscious mission / ministry choice. Honouriarium for paid summer staff positions are mostly at $100 per week, with some positions being volunteer (Cabin Leader Assistant) and others requiring special skill sets and so have a slight increase in weekly honorarium. In addition to this, the camp as part of the compensation provides room and board and the opportunity to be part of a great team.

Code of Conduct

All staff members are asked to sign a letter of agreement that is part of the contract for employment. This letter outlines for all staff expected behaviours, code of conduct, attitudes and core values in supporting the mission and vision of Camp Kwasind/CBOQ .

Special Qualifications / Equipment

Certain positions require previous experience or qualifications to be met. This includes waterfront and life guarding certification. Preference will be given to applicants that have experience and additional skills. Certain positions legally require people to be of a certain age before they can be considered for hiring. Some positions require staff members to supply their own specialized equipment which they are responsible for including steel-toed footwear, cameras, computers etc.




Dining Hall Manager Responsible for managing the Dining Hall providing welcome/care for special guests and offering some additional administrative support to Camp Office Manager as available.

Guest Services Assistant Responsible for administrative support to Camp Office manager and support with the Tuck Shop, hospitality needs, and food services.

Tuck Shop Manager Responsible for providing administrative support of the Camp Administrator and overseeing the procedures, logistics, ordering, account management and reconciliation of the Tuck Shop.

Spiritual Formation Coordinator – This role is to oversee the Faith Practices/Bible Study for Summer Staff, support staff in their spiritual growth, provide weekly prayer requests to the Kwasind Prayer Team, manage weekend chapels, gather camper stories weekly of life change, assist with office support, and help mentor cabin leaders as needed in support of the Cabin Leader Coordinators.


Cabin Leader Coordinator – (Female / Male) – Responsible for the training, support, resourcing and mentoring of all cabin leaders and cabin leader assistants for Sessions 1-7. This position is also part of the senior staff team.

Cabin Leader – MUST BE AT LEAST 17 years old. Provides primary leadership for all campers in cabin during weekly Sessions 1-7 and supervises their activities at all times including meals, group activities, bible studies and devotions, recreation and free time.

Cabin Leader Assistant – (Volunteer Position) – MUST BE AT LEAST 17 years old. Assist cabin leader with leadership in camper cabins.

Stay Over Camper Manager – This role will provide point management and programming for our Stay-Over Camp program along with staying with campers overnight. This role will function from Saturday at 9:00am to Sunday at 3:00pm and aim to provide intentional programming and staff oversight of stay-over campers. (NOTE: You can be in the role for just one weekend or multiple weekends)

Stay-Over Camper Assistants – These role assists the Stay Over Camper Coordinator in caring for campers, assisting in program roll out, staying overnight with campers. This role will function from Saturday 11:00am to Sunday at 1:00pm and aim to provide intentional programming and staff oversight of stay-over campers. (NOTE: You can be in the role for just one weekend or multiple weekends)


Program Director – Works with the Assistant Director to plan and implement fun and meaningful camp activities to reflect and enhance each week’s theme including character development, storyline, and set design. This position is also part of the senior staff team.

Program Assistants – As part of the program team – program assistants will join with Program Director in providing a high quality, memorable and fun program with focus given to the weekly themes, character development, team competitions, dining hall  set up, support for camper electives  for weekly themes, giving leadership to specific land electives in the arts and camp programs

Program Assistant – Audio Video – As part of the program team – the Audio Video team will be lead by the Media Communications Manger in partnership with the Program Director in providing a high quality, memorable and fun program theme videos, weekly highlight videos, a staff video and some fun extras all with the purpose to build the weekly themes, character development, encourage healthy team competitions.  You will also support in the drama, video, movie making or other electives as needed.

Program Assistant – Creative Theme/Worship – As part of the program team – this role will give focus to the leading of the worship team and the planning of vespers, chapel, and worship at campfire. This role reports to the Program Director and seeks to provide a high quality, memorable and fun program theme flow and tie into all activities, electives, and the weekly teaching.

Media/Communications Manager – This role will oversee the media team (Video and Photography), to support program team, weekly highlight videos, structure social media posting, Bunk1 management, and ensure the organizational management of photo/video capturing. Need to have skills in video editing, photography and social media management.

Video & Photography Tech – Takes photos and video footage of campers and camp activities every day with a view to producing a selection of photos to share online on the camp’s website and produce a weekly video as a memorable reflection of the week’s activities and teaching.


Assistant Head of Maintenance –  Responsible for the day to day maintenance of all camp buildings, property, tools and equipment and management and mentoring of the Maintenance staff. This position is also part of the senior staff team.

Maintenance Assistant –  Works with the Head of Maintenance to attend to the day to day maintenance of all camp buildings, property, tools and equipment.

Maintenance Assistant (Special Projects) –  Works with the Head of Maintenance on an as needed basis to complete special projects on property.


Head of Waterfront –    ** requires waterfront qualifications AND must be at least 18 yrs old – Responsible for the organization and management of all waterfront and program activities and managing and mentoring all waterfront program staff throughout the summer.  This position is part of the senior staff team.

Lifeguard / Boating Coordinator –    ** requires waterfront qualifications – MUST HAVE waterfront qualifications AND boating license. Under the direction of the Head of Waterfront, carries out the daily tasks involved in the safe operation of the waterfront, giving leadership to specific electives for boating as part of the camp program

Lifeguard –    ** requires waterfront qualifications – MUST HAVE waterfront qualifications. Under the direction of the Head of Waterfront, carries out the daily tasks involved in the safe operation of the waterfront, giving leadership to specific electives for swimming as part of the camp program.


L.I.T. Director – Plan, organize and implement the running of the 4-week Leaders-in-Training program which includes components for leadership, discipleship and skill development. Includes a 4-day wilderness canoe trip in Algonquin Park.

L.I.T. Assistant – Assist the L.I.T. director with the planning, organization and execution of the L.I.T. program.

L.E.A.P. Director – Lead, plan, organize and carry out the 2-week L.E.A.P. adventure-based program which includes a component of onsite at camp activities, book offsite activities, develop learning initiatives, create personal development activities as well as facilitate wilderness canoe trip (Wilderness Survival Certification strongly recommended).

L.E.A.P. Assistant – Assists with the planning, organization and execution of the 2-week L.E.A.P. adventure-based program.

Explorers Director – plan and implement a one week only camp experience. Sunday and Friday night would be spent on property and Monday to Thursday evenings would be spent on an out tripping experience.

Explorers Assistant – This role would assist the Explorers director to plan and implement a one week camp experience. Sunday and Friday night would be spent on property and Monday to Thursday evenings would be spent on an out tripping experience. 

Tripper Lead – This role is responsible for the planning and leading a canoe trip. Specialty camps that include out tripping include LIT, LEAP and Explorers. If applying for this role, please indicate with camp(s) you would be available to lead.