THE KWASIND CENTRE – Capital Building Campaign

Bridging to a greater tomorrow – building the connection today that will enable Kwasind’s growth into the future.

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This building project is a unique way as we cross the milestone of 75 years in camping ministry, to BRIDGE the strength of our past to the growth for the future.  To accomplish this vision, this building project will be an extension of the Mondamin Dining Hall building.  The existing dining hall will remain as is, while we add a large dining hall/activity centre on the far side with the expanded kitchen being able to serve them both.

We are inviting you to “Bridge Build” with us by investing into this project and check out the videos to get the latest updates on what is happening with the Kwasind Centre.




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$1.25 Million of $1.7 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs in regards to giving to the Kwasind Centre: KwasindCentre_FAQ_final


4 Reasons to build a Multi-Purpose Centre at Kwasind?


A large dining hall that would allow everyone to enjoy a meal together under one roof that has been designed with a good flow for “family style” meals.


A worship and teaching centre that would allow everyone to learn and worship as a collective gathered people.


A large activity space that would have the capability to house large scale indoor fun program activities, electives, and games for the entire camp.


A space that has meeting places and a cafe style environment to better serve smaller teams, foster staff bonding, host breakout sessions, and a spot at camp for a good coffee with a friend or guest.

The Kwasind Centre is needed to fulfill our mission of moving campers ONE STEP closer to Jesus.

Kwasind is great, yet this is something significant that we are needing to develop: a year round facility which is added on to our existing dining hall to allow for future growth that will ensure we have the large space for dining for all campers under one roof along with doubling as a large indoor activity space which is something Kwasind is in need of.  The Kwasind Centre will allow us to do 4 critical things together:

  Why must we build this NOW?

The time to build is NOW.

We need a building to support 250+ young people on site:
  • We’ve outgrown the capacity of our current dining hall
  • Need for a large indoor activity space for all camp
  • Lack of necessary shower and washroom facilities in main building
  • Missing Features: staff lounge, small group space, inviting tuck shop, office meeting space

The RISKS of NOT building

Our current facilities are inadequate for future growth:
  • No space for large indoor activities
  • Larger rental groups can’t choose Kwasind
  • Future economic stability is threatened
  • Camper numbers will need to be reduced
  • Camp attendance cannot expand without this needed infrastructure
  • Summer Camp experiences are diminished on rainy days

The GAINS to building

The Kwasind Centre addresses all the risks mentioned above:
  • More young people will be challenged to move one-step closer to Jesus
  • Two dining halls will allow for future growth
  • Creates the capacity to house two separate retreat groups at the same time with their own designated learning, meal and breakout spaces
  • Increase summer programming options and activities
  • Ensures guests don’t have to leave the building to use the washrooms
  • Allows for better customer service and more inviting environment with the new Tuck Shop and Cafe area to serve and connect with parents, guests, campers and alumni