Registration for EPIC Family Getaways is OPEN!

With Overnight Summer Kids Camp unable to happen this summer, we have shifted gears to make possible the opportunity for adults, alumni and family household units to have a 3 Day / 2 Night Stay at Camp Kwasind for some classic Kwasind fun!

This EPIC getaway is time made SPECIAL just your family to enjoy the great Muskoka outdoors, have fun with activities available around Kwasind, a chance to be at the waterfront, have a campfire and  have all your meals prepared for you – and to top it all off you have your own Kwasind Cabin experience!

DAY 1 – Arrival

3:00 PM      – Arrival / Check-In Cabin

3:45 PM      – Welcome 

4:00 PM      – “Free 2 Choose”

5:30 PM      – Dinner

6:30 PM      – Activity Options

7:30 PM       – Vespers

8:15 PM       – Campfire (Physically Distanced)


DAY 2 – Fun Fun Fun

7:30 – 8AM  – Morning Dip & Coffee 

8:15 AM      – Breakfast 

9:00 AM      – Family Faith & Cabin Time

10:00 AM    – Activity Option A / Tuck Shop

10:45 AM     – Activity Option B / Tuck Shop

11:30 PM     – Activity Option C

12:15 PM    – Lunch / Tuck Shop

1:00 PM      – Open Camp Time

1:45 PM      – Activity Option D

2:30 PM     – Activity Option E

3:15 PM      – “Free 2 Choose” & Site Tour

5:00 PM      – Dinner

6:00 PM     – Open Camp Time & Tuck Shop

7:30 PM      – Vespers

8:15 PM      – Campfire (Physically Distanced)


DAY 3 – It’s Been Awesome

7:30 – 8AM  – Morning Dip & Coffee 

8:15 AM      – Breakfast 

9:00 AM      – Family Faith & Cabin Time

10:00 AM    – Activity Option F / Tuck Shop

10:45 AM     – Activity Option G / Tuck Shop

11:30 PM     – Activity Option H

12:15 PM    – Lunch / Tuck Shop

1:00 PM      – “Free 2 Choose” & Tuck Shop

1:45 PM      – Open Camp / Clean Up Cabin

2:30 PM     – Farewell @ Outdoor Chapel

3:00 PM     – Head Out



We have designed each 2 Night / 3 Day Experience (either Sunday 3pm to Tuesday 3pm or Thursday 3pm to Saturday 3pm) with all members of families, couples and alumni in mind.  Each day is filled with optional activities, programming, vespers and campfire for all participants to enjoy as their household unit – with a few elements that will be done with appropriate precautions all together.  All programs and activities are optional, giving families and individuals the opportunity to choose whether they would like to participate in programs, go for a hike, explore nearby Muskoka landmarks or relax on the camp beach.

Check In: Sunday or Thursday at 3:00 PM
Check Out: Tuesday or Saturday at 3:00 PM



PROPERTY FEATURES: “Epic Family Getaway” guests will be the first to enjoy the NEW KWASIND CENTRE which features a new Tuck Shop, a large Dining area, expanded kitchen and lounge.  Guests will also be able to have access to our amazing sandy waterfront with docks for various waterfront activities, a large open playing field, a low ropes course, prayer trail, archery field, basketball/ball hockey court, frisbee golf course, craft tent and access to fire-pits and other various communal outdoor spaces.

CABINS: As we shift from an Overnight Kids Camp to this new format – we want to bring you back to those good ol’ days of single bunks (some bunk beds) with names of campers decorating the stud beamed exposed walls.  Household units will get to select their own rustic cabin, enjoying the “campy” feel it provides with four solid walls, windows for fresh air and a roof overhead with the bonus of electricity and a covered deck.  A few cabins even have a direct view of Skeleton Lake (Mahng, Wawa, Wawanaissa).  Finally – to make these cabins EPIC – we have equipped each FAMILY CABIN with a Mini-Fridge and their own Fire-Pit Ring as well as  BRAND NEW MATTRESSES !

WASHROOMS: We have amazing updated Washroom/Shower buildings in which each Household Unit will have designated stalls and sinks.  Access to showers will likely be scheduled as per Public Health regulations.  There is the chance due to Public Health regulations families will need to each have a designated BRAND NEW Elite Personal Portable Toilet Unit equipped with a sink with fresh drinkable water in them – rather than access to shared washroom building.  Cleaning done by our Maintenance team will happen regularly and between each family household designated shower time.

DINING SPACE: Household units with have a designated eating time to enjoy a meal physically distanced in the new Kwasind Centre or depending on restrictions – might need to be a “take-out” experience to eat at an outdoor venue.  Food is provided by GB Catering and are able to accommodate most dietary needs as long as we are made aware of these two weeks before your arrival.





As we work very closely with our Local Public Health department – we are required to ensure that all COVID-19 safety measures and restrictions are in place and followed by “Epic Family Getaway” guests:

  1. Masks must be worn at all times when you are outside of your cabin, are in discussion with a camp employee or are within 6 feet of someone outside of your household unit either outside or indoors.
  2. We are asked to ensure that you are doing a daily screening check located outside your cabin door for each person in your household unit that will be collected each day – or their might be a digital way provided by the summer.
  3. All guests need to be regularly washing their hands with soap and water – using hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t available.
  4. You are to remain only in close proximity to your Household Unit (despite having other family and friends you know onsite). The household unit is defined by those with whom you live with at the same address back home.  You are required to physically distance from all other individuals.
  5. You may come and go from the property.  However you MUST check out at the office whenever leaving, and MUST check in and complete the screening process upon your return.
  6. You are only able to use your own household designated washroom or the one centrally located for public DAY ACCESS PASS bathroom during the hours of 10am-4:30pm
  7. There are to be no outside animals (pets) brought on property




Spots are LIMITED – so be sure to book today for the summer!

Rates for “Epic Family Getaway” : there is a flat cabin rate per stay and then an additional 
rate for each person attending for access to Camp Activities & Food for the 3 Day / 2 Night Stay




Getaway A July 4 – 6
Getaway B July 8 – 10
Getaway C July 11 – 13
Getaway D July 15 – 17
Getaway E July 18 – 20
Getaway F July 22 – 24
Getaway G July 25 – 27
Getaway H July 29 – 31
Getaway I Aug 1 – 3
Getaway J Aug 5 – 7
Getaway K Aug 8 – 10
Getaway L Aug 12 – 14
Getaway M Aug 15 – 17
Getaway N Aug 19 – 21
Getaway O Aug 22 – 24
Getaway P Aug 26 – 28
Getaway Q Aug 29 – 31

*NOTE: There is the option for a Week Long Package – please contact Leslie Hall at for additional fee and to request this option.

Camp Program Elements

There will be land, water and special program opportunities


  • Campfires & Smores
  • Archery
  • Tetherball
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Lawn Games
  • Low Ropes
  • Axe Throwing



  • Swimming
  • Jumping Dock
  • Sailing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Inflatable Iceberg
  • Inflatable Volleyball Court


  • Worship & Vespers
  • Pontoon Tours (Additional $)
  • Tuck Shop
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Family Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Family Faith Time


NOTE: If EPIC Family Getaways at Camp Kwasind are prohibited this summer due to Provincial Health Order, a full refund will be provided to all registrants!


Cabin Rental Rate for 2 Nights/3 Days

NOTE: There needs to be a selection of a FLAT CABIN RENTAL Fee covering the whole household unit for their stay PLUS a MEAL & ACCESS PLAN that must be selected for each person.

Field Side
    Cabin 17 $250 8
    Cabin 19 $250 5
    Cabin 20 $250 7
    Cabin 23 $250 8
Forest Side
    Cabin 14 (Lakefront view) $300 5
    Cabin 13 (Lakefront view) $300 5
    Cabin 11 (Lakefront view) $300 7
    Cabin 10 $250 7




Rate Per Person for 2 Nights/3 Days

This fee is in additional the CABIN RENTAL FEE and gives access to on-site activity options for your household to do, waterfront access at designated times and all your meals.

Adult / Youth $150
Seniors (65+) $140
Child (2-11) $120
Infant $35

Map of Cabin Locations

What COVID-19 Guidelines are we needing to follow?


All guests/family units must complete the Kwasind Active Screening Form before arriving on the property and affirm that they will follow the COVID-19 protocols:

  • Guests are instructed to stay six feet from guests in other household units.
  • Guests are instructed to wear a mask (which they will provide) when ever indoors or when interacting with staff or other guests.
  • Meals will either be “take-out” style to be enjoyed around camp or if Public Health allows, in the new Kwasind Centre at a designated table that is more than 6ft away from other households where food is served in a cafeteria style.
  • Day Pass Guests will have their own designated washroom and will be encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene.
  • Read our latest COVID-19 Plan and adapt to the latest best practices from the public health authorities.
Can guests that are friends or family visit me at Kwasind?

While we normally love to welcome guests to see Camp Kwasind, this summer we are required to limit access to the camp property and thus are NOT able to have anyone who isn’t a registered as part of “Epic Family Getaway” household participant.  We do allow you to travel off property (given you sign out and sign back in with screening) to see friends or family – however we are asking for the safety of those onsite that when you leave property that you are always masked when you come in close contact with anyone.  We have the responsibility to preserve the safety of the gathered community at camp and want to be sure we can continue to provide these GETAWAY experiences for the entire summer.


Will Food Services at Kwasind be able to manage my special diets?


As part of the registration process – you will be asked to submit a form letting Kwasind know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Our food service team will be able to accommodate most restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free diets. Just let us know what you need!

Can we bring our pet to stay in our cabin?

At this point, we are needing to ask you to leave your pets at home or to have them in a local kennel. We aren’t set up or have approval to allow outside animals on our premises at this time.

Is my family allowed to leave site during our stay?

Yes!  Kwasind would be your home base and whenever you leave, we ask that you follow all COVID-19 guidelines (including physical distancing and masking when you are out and about off property).  There is lots to do at Kwasind but you may also want to explore Muskoka and the many great trails or sites that are open.  We just ask that you let us know when you are leaving and please be sure to do proper screening when you return and check in with our office staff.


Your household unit will have the option for $500 to have a one-night stay (any time between dinner till breakfast) on the Kwasind Island all by yourself to have a campfire, eat s’mores and stay in a tent under the stars, including a Pontoon ride around Skeleton Lake! 

NOTE: This is a great way to give generously to help support Kwasind – contact to add this to your booking