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Kwasind and COVID-19 (see FAQs below)

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2023





Camp Kwasind was excited to welcome campers back to camp for the 2022 summer, while also being cautious and health conscious.  Going forward, we will continue to navigate Summer Camp 2023.  Throughout this year we will work with public health to have wise protocols that in line with the current situation of the pandemic if necessary.

Our safety plan is design to care for our guests, campers, staff and local community. Please note our COVID19 Plan is a living document and we will update or adapt it is best reflects current state of the situation. Any changes or updates to our protocols will be communicated to our campers and families.

As of March 21st, 2022, summer camps in Ontario were no longer required to follow the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Camp.  At this point it becomes the responsibility of individual camps to create and establish their own safety protocols and procedures.  In our excitement to be back to camp as we know it, we also feel that there was some very positive learnings from COVID-19 protocols that were in place that will help to maintain the health and safety of our Campers and Staff going forward.

This document outlines our best to date plan for summer 2023. We feel that these protocols will provide added protection from COVID-19 without taking away from your child’s camp experience. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 protocols, please feel free to contact us anytime.

2023 Summer Camp Protocols:

It is time for an EXTRAORDINARY summer camp time and part of making camp extraordinary is about giving all campers, guests and staff a memorable and safe community.  Below you will find some key points to our COVID Response Plan:

  1. Ask individuals coming and/or staying at camp to be symptom free and not t have had recent contact with any confirmed COVID19 cases.
  2. To follow the latest public health recommendations for vaccinations status and health practices to minimize the risk of community spread while at camp.
  3. To increase our onsite sanitation and cleaning procedures.
  4. To offer programs and activities outside, where the likelihood of community spread is minimal.
  5. To establish procedures for caring for symptomatic campers and for potential onsite COVID-19 cases.

Pre-Arrival & Screening:

Prior to arrival, all campers and guests must self screen and be symptom free. Before arriving on-site, this self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 must be completed. If you are experiencing any of the current COVID19 symptoms please stay at home and contact the Camp Kwasind Office. In the days leading up to camp, we ask that you reduce any high-risk social interactions as much as possible and strictly adhere to the current public health guidelines and recommendations.

Close Contact Info: All campers arriving at camp must ensure that they have NOT been a close contact or living with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 5 days prior to arriving at camp.

Rapid Testing:

Rapid testing is a great defence to minimize the potential of COVID-19 entering camp. Before arrival, we require all campers and staff to take a 2 rapid tests, 24 hr apart and ensure that you have waited the full 15-20 minutes to ensure accurate results (available for free at drug stores, grocery stores etc) before arriving at camp. To simplify this process we will request that parents or guardians administer this rapid test the morning before leaving for camp as well as the morning of departure for camp. For parents who do not have access to rapid tests, one can be provided and administered upon arrival. NOTE: Rapids test may also be used to test symptomatic campers or a camper who might be considered a close contact.


We continue to follow the latest guidance from Public Health on vaccine status for our campers and staff. Camp Kwasind strong recommends that all staff be fully vaccinated and boosted, and also encourages all campers be fully vaccinated. However, we do understand that due to age restrictions, medical conditions and personal choices, some campers may not have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. Camp Kwasind will ask on every camper medical form to share their vaccination status, but at this time will not require all campers to be vaccinated.


Masks are not required at Camp Kwasind, however, we are creating a culture that supports and encourages that masks be used while indoors.  We believe that it provides added protection from not only from COVID-19, but other airborne viruses. For this reason, Camp Kwasind will encourage campers to bring a mask(s) of their comfort.  Wearing a mask however, will be optional in any outdoor spaces as well as indoor shared spaces. Campers will only be required (based on Public Health Requirement for Summer camp) to wear masks if they become symptomatic or deemed a close contact with someone who is systematic or tests positive.

Response Plan for Symptomatic Campers and Staff:

If a camper starts to show signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they will be immediately isolated in a designated cabin and have access to a designated washroom. Once isolated, the Camp Kwasind medical team, will determine if the symptoms are a potential sign of COVID-19 or if it is a symptom of a pre-existing condition. A rapid antigen test will be administered by the Camp Kwasind Register Nurse. In the case of a positive test result, the camper will need to be picked up immediately by a parent/guardian and leave camp.

Later in 2023 an attached document about how Symptomatic and Close Contacts will be handled at Camp Kwasind.

Sanitation and Cleaning:

Camp Kwasind has created a number of sanitation stations throughout the camp. Hand sanitizer can be found at the entrance of every building and at each activity area as well as in the dining hall.  We also have a high priority on hand washing. Camp Kwasind has also created protocols to:

  • Increase the frequency of cleaning/disinfection of washrooms.
  • Ensure the continued availability of all equipment necessary for hygiene measures (soap, water, hand sanitizer, paper towel, tissues, and toilet paper).
  • Post signage of hygiene best practices in public washrooms.
  • Clean/disinfect all frequently touched surfaces (light switches, doorknobs, stall locks, toilet handles, sinks, etc.).
  • Ensure an adequate supply of hand sanitizer and toilet paper for outhouses and frequently disinfect doorknobs and toilet seats.

Messaging to Parents / Guardians

Camp Kwasind will make contact immediately with a parent/guardian if their child is symptomatic and has a positive rapid test to be picked up.  Camp Kwasind will make contact with all parent/gaurdians of any campers who are consider a close contact if this case occurs.  We will work with the parents to determine what they feel most comfortable next steps for their child.

NOTE: Camp Kwasind medical team may need administer Rapid Tests, but at no time or for any reason will any child be given a vaccination

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about our latest COVID-19 protocols, please feel free to contact us anytime at

If you have any questions, please reach us by phone and by email.  We will continue to post updated information here on this website, so check back regularly and be sure that you have signed up for our General Mail List to get the latest e-new updates at

For more details on frequently asked questions, please read the information below:

What is happening for Kwasind in 2023?

We are excited to be welcoming back campers for Summer 2023. Over the winter we are getting up new activities, completing onsite work projects and doing special upgrades around camp in preparation for Summer 2023. Kwasind can’t wait to have everyone back in Sumer 2023!

What is Kwasind's Leadership team planning to do when it comes to Summer Camp?

We are bringing together our Summer Leadership Team to begin planning for OVERNIGHT SUMMER CAMP in which we aim to provide a high quality, safe, fun and memorable experience to kids while still being safe as it comes to COVID-19. We are and will continue to follow any further directives and recommendations from the government and public health authorities to determine how and what format we are able to run Overnight Summer Camp this summer but this summer is looking to be set up like we have always known camp to be like. We will communicate with you as we know of any changes that may affect camp.

Will I get a full refund if summer camp if cancelled?

Yes! there is a full cancellation policy if you click the link Summer 2023 in the blue bar above.

What is Kwasind doing to ensure Overnight Summer Camp will be safe?

The safety and health of families, staff, guests and community is core to the functioning of Camp Kwasind. It is important for Kwasind to make decisions related to the health and safety of camp from government officials, public health and other agencies as related to large group gatherings, standards for cleaning and sanitizing protocols as well as requirements for other public hygiene guidelines. We will be screening everyone on arrival, we will be encouraging masking indoors (but not required).  We are currently adapting our plans as the situation evolves and we will be keep parent(s), guardians, guests, families and staff informed on specific initiatives as we get closer to the summer.  To best keep up to date on this information – visit our webpage –

Who is advising camp leadership in regards to safety?

Camp Kwasind has a health care coordinator, is adding medical representative to their COVID-19 Advisory Team and has a health and safety protocols already existing. We are also tracking all relevant information from national and local authorities to stay informed on the situation. We continue to be connecting with government agencies and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit which updates information regularly. Camp Kwasind is also a fully accredited member of the OCA and have always exceeded their high and exacting standards. We are in regular contact with them regarding best practices for summer camp and adapting as related to specific requirements.

What will be done this Summer to still ensure increased safety?

Kwasind has always lead with a high emphasis on safety – so we are already leading with special measure to ensure the health of campers arriving and while at camp. We do recognize however, that as we are living in a new reality, we are receiving new information and are there for doing to be adjusting our summer safety plans accordingly. Over the last few months we revised and updated our policies and procedures to best reflect the current reality and bring about ENHANCED health and safety measure. We have a Crisis Management plan in place and are revising it in concordance with best practices around COVID-19 protocols. A few measure will be in place for Summer 2023 are: 1. Pre self-screening for symptoms related to this virus, each campers having a 2 rapids tests (24 hrs apart) before arriving onsite.  2. Reinforcing hand hygiene practices through increased hand washing stations, protocols for usage of our medical grade hand sanitizer in dining hall, lodge, and other meeting spaces along with adding best practices recommended by OCA to prevent the spread of illness at camp 3. Increased training for staff during our staff week in regards to sanitation and cleaning, particularly in high traffic areas of camp as well as the management of the health and safety cleaning in the cabins. 4. Screening of all individuals coming into camp.

We deeply value our partnership with families with the life changing experience of Kwasind.  The good news is that things are looking positive for an OVERNIGHT SUMMER CAMP in 2023 – so we are encouraging everyone to register as early as possible, with the comfort of knowing that any payment fees will be returned to you if Kwasind is cancelled or needing to be significantly adapted in the future.

Can I still apply for camper sponsorship for my camper?

Yes.  Kwasind’s policy has always been that camp should be available to everyone, regardless of financial situation. Please request financial support through our campership fund by emailing Kwasind at

Despite this outbreak continuing, we now have a good handle on how to safely and effective run overnight summer camp and make it a memorable and fun experience for kids.  We are still going to continue to invest significant dollars to enhance our Health & Safety and respond to COVID-19 and health needs in general, but we are seeking to not significantly increase our campers costs – if you can support Kwasind in this area that would be greatly appreciated with a donation – please give here.


If you have any other questions about Kwasind’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact our Executive Director, Matt Wilkinson at