“I love Kwasind so much! It is a place that I feel safe, where I belong, where I decided to follow Jesus. All that happened because my friend told me that Kwasind knows how to bring the fun – this week sure has been so much fun!”

– Week 2 Camper – sharing a simple but profound thought that inspired our Giving Tuesday:

We need to RAISE $15,000 in 24hrs in order to “BRING THE FUN”!

The investment into the 3 BIG BUCKETS (BIG GAME FUN, BIG WATER FUN & BIG CAMP FUN) will ensure we BRING THE FUN that will serve as the catalyst that has CAMPERS discover Kwasind as safe place to belong and be able to move one-step closer to Jesus in a life-changing experience all while having it the context of incredible amounts of FUN!


If we RAISE $15,000 a MATCHING DONATION of $15,000 will be made towards send 30+ kids to camp who otherwise couldn’t afford it this summer…

4 Donors @ $550 = Axe-Throwing                            11 Donors @ $100 = 9-Square                 34 Donors @ $50 = 1 Soccer Net


GOAL: $5,000


With the addition of the Inflatable Axe-Throwing experience, it will allows campers to fund addition FUN on opening day as well as it is a NEW element that will be added to our Archery/Axe Throwing Elective to give campers something to do while they wait their turn for archery.  We are looking to add 9-SQUARE as game that has risen in popularity as a MUST HAVE game at camp that brings campers together as a community in the FUN way.  With a great field, adding SOCCER NETS allows us to improve the FUN we can have in playing one of the most loved world-wide sports.  Total Project: $5,000

2 Donors at $1250 = Giant Iceberg Slide         8 Donors @ $200 = 2 Paddle Boat                  36 Donors @ $25 = 3 Kayaks


GOAL: $5,000


Kwasind has the most incredible waterfront in MUSKOKA and we want to maximize the use of it. We are needing to replace and upgrade our existing ICEBERG so that we can make our waterfront way more FUN and bring the slide element back!  We also want to have lots of FUN being able to paddle around our bay as friends in a two-seat Paddle Boat as time with friends always brings more FUN! And Finally we want to replace a few of our SIT-ON KAYAKS which daily bring FUN to kids who get to explore our incredible private bay.  Total Project: $5,000  

4 Donors @ $500 = New Golf Cart               50 Donors @ $50 = 50 Paint Gallons           10 Donors @ $100 = 10 Pathway Lights


GOAL: $5,000


One of the BEST WAYS to BRING THE FUN, is to make camp look fresh, alive and welcoming!  We want to continue to PAINT more cabins with a fresh coat of paint (50 Gallons needed), LIGHT UP more pathways with 10 new Pathway Overhead Lights that increase our safety while KIDS are having so much FUN, and the addition of a much needed GOLF CART allows Staff to have FUN as they keep camp clean, organize and well prepared for the next program activity.  Total: $5000


BONUS SECTION: We will be able to BRING THE FUN to 30+ Campers who otherwise couldn’t afford to be at camp as every dollar raised towards BIG GAME FUN, BIG WATER FUN & BIG CAMP FUN, will be matched by a $15,000 DONATION to our Campership Fund.  With some challenging times coming for some families – we want to make sure every camper can be able to afford camp.  By making a GIVING TUESDAY DONATION towards BIG GAME, BIG WATER or BIG CAMP FUN you will actually be DOUBLING YOUR INVESTMENT and ensure families needing support can get their KIDS TO CAMP to EXPERIENCE THE FUN! Campership Fund Goal: $15,000  (30+ campers fully or partially covered for camp in 2024!)

RAISING $15,000 in 24hrs to BRING THE FUN for the Campers!


Every dollar donated on GIVING TUESDAY towards “Lighting or Paint” will be matched and invested into our CAMPERSHIP FUND – up to $15,000!