SESSION 1: Exploring Sherwood Forest

There is no better way to start your summer than with a great adventure of Robin Hood – where you will try your hand at archery, team challenges, special missions, finding ways to raid the castle gates and all the way through having lots of laughs with friends.  This week will be one of the greatest experiences of memory-making WOW moments as we encounter a God who loves the whole world, cares for those on the margins, and offers hope in challenging times.


SESSION 2: Mystery at Scotland Yard

Everybody loves to be part of a solving a mystery.  All over camp there will be clues, with each wide-game potentially revealing more insights into figuring out just what has happened as we follow Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson into some crazy fun adventures!  This week, though, will be more than just figuring out the mystery with the help of Scotland Yard – it will be about further revealing the great mystery of why and how God loves us so much and chooses to extend grace to each of us!


SESSION 3: Experience the Gold Rush

What happens when you have the Wild West, colliding with the crazy Hillbillies, and adding in the random discovery of gold hidden all around camp? You have a week full of hilarious memories!  This week we will have a blast chasing after the gold and finding the final prize. But more importantly, we will see what is worth chasing after in this world and what is means to store up your treasure in Heaven.


SESSION 4: Going Jurassic

Who wouldn’t want to get a whole week of life with the dinosaurs!  This throwback week takes us back to an era that was filled with challenges, adventures, survival skills, and the mission to avoid the T-Rex.  With fun & laughter this week will see our camp transformed into our own Jurassic Park where there is no doubt that we will encounter the great loving God who is far bigger than any dinosaur but who in His great creativity created dinosaurs to roam the earth and make for an epic era that we are bringing back to life!


SESSION 5: Crazy Cartoon Mashup

What is your favourite cartoon character?  This will be one crazy, hilarious, adventurous week where, throughout the week, new cartoon characters will be popping up, making surprise visits, trying to solve mysteries, and having to work together with the campers to get all the characters back into their stories.  As all these different cartoon characters get caught up in one story, we will explore how in God’s story in which we are all living, there is the beauty of His world, full of such diversity, all united together in the family of God through his Son, Jesus.


SESSION 6: Quest through Camelot

Knights, Kings, Queens, Jesters and more will all gather for a week at Kwasind to have a merry time in Camelot – full of parties, celebrations, competitions, and even some medieval mysteries needing to be solved with something that has gone missing from the castle.  This week is all about being on a journey, seeking to find that which has gone missing and restore it to its rightful place – much like how we will be discovering that we are all on a journey looking for the meaning of our lives and the finding that in the person and message of Jesus.


SESSION 7: Catch Me If You Can!

Oh my goodness, Pokemon is everywhere!  Can you help us catch them all over camp?  We will have to team up together, challenge each other, and explore all of camp to see if we can find them all and round them all up.  This memorable week will be one where we never quite know what to expect, or where we can find what we are looking for, but as we have tons of fun looking for Pokemons and have wild camp experiences, we will finding something more – more of who we are and who God created us to be.