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Camp Kwasind proudly presents
our FOURTH annual CAMP DAY!


for ages 7-17








Bring your youth group!    Bring your neighbours! 
Bring your classmates!   Bring your friends!!


Saturday, April 1, 2017:   10am - 5pm

at Central Baptist Church
340 Rebecca St. Oakville ON L6K 1K3


Doors open at 9:45am

Parents and guardians are invited to join us for snack at 4:30pm!


Want to find out what Camp Kwasind is all about,
or catch up with camp friends without having to go to Muskoka? 

Come join us at this
FREE* day
where you can experience a typical day at camp!

Activities will include:

Cabin photos
Wide Game

all with a Christian focus.


Free lunch and snack will be served


This event is for EVERYONE - people who are familiar with Camp Kwasind,
and any who have never been to camp before and want to find out about it!

We encourage youth groups and their leaders to join us, as well as individuals.

All participants will be placed in "cabin groups", with cabin leaders for the day. 

Youth group leaders are also asked to register,
and act as cabin leaders for the day. 

You will be joined by leaders from the Camp Kwasind Management Team,
Camp Kwasind Staff, and Camp Kwasind Alumni.


Limited spaces available!

Advance registration only
registrations will NOT be accepted at the door. 

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT US AT or at 905-294-6360


* This event is free of charge, however a suggested donation of $5 to cover the cost of lunch will be gladly accepted.


How to Register




Click here to register online!

(ADVANTAGE:  if you've already registered online
for summer camp, you don't have to enter any more info!
OR if you are planning to register for camp,
you won't have to enter your info a second time!)


Click to download registration form

Email scanned registration to
OR fax to Camp Kwasind  416-622-2308





Q.  I am a camper who has never been to Kwasind and would like to attend this event alone.  How will I be assigned to a cabin group?

A.    You will be placed in a “cabin” with a group of other individuals or with an existing youth group.  You will be assigned a “cabin leader” for the day.  "Cabin groups" will be co-ed for this event, and most activities will take place with the large group.

Q.  I am a leader who would like to bring my small children for the day.  Is there daycare available?

A.    Unfortunately, no. We are unable to provide this for this event.

Q.  Is there parking available?

A.    Yes, we have a large parking lot at Central Baptist Church, and there is a primary school  parking lot across the street, and high school parking lot down the street as well.

Q.  Why is this event taking place at a church in Oakville and not at Camp Kwasind?

A.    This is a one-day promotional event that does not require the space or amenities that Camp Kwasind has.  Also, due to the time of year, we wanted to keep the events inside, and be a much shorter driving distance to experience the same fun activities that Camp Kwasind can offer.  We will be providing an alternative version of waterfront and other outdoor activities while inside.

Q.  I am a parent who will be driving my child to this event from a distance.  Am I allowed to stay at the event for the day?  

A.    Unfortunately, no. The leaders of the day have already been assigned from the Camp Kwasind community.  For safety we need to limit the number of total persons in the building for the day, so cannot invite parents to stay for the entire event.  However, you are welcome to return early at 4:30 and share snack and meet the leaders and campers.  Please contact us by email and we can help provide you with the details of local malls, libraries, YMCA, or play parks for younger children.

Q.  Is this event wheelchair accessible?

A.    Yes, Central Baptist Church's main floor is on ground level with automated doors.  We have a WC accessible washroom and a special stair lift chair to move the child/leader from the main floor to the upper hall.

Q.  I have a gluten allergy and/or am a vegetarian.  Will you be providing special meals to accommodate this?

A.    Yes, we will have a gluten free option and a vegetarian option.  If the camper or leader has multiple food allergies, we would encourage them to provide their own lunch where possible to avoid any potential allergens.  We will be happy to place their sealed lunch bag in our fridge, unless they are able to bring an ice pack and/or small cooler to keep it separate from any of our food.

Q.  Who exactly will be the leaders at this event?

A.    Leaders of the day are Camp Kwasind Management Team members, former/future Camp Kwasind Staff, Camp Kwasind Alumni, and adult Youth Group leaders from the Baptist Churches in southern Ontario.

Q.  Do I need to attend church to send my child to this event?

A.    No.  At Camp Kwasind we believe in sharing our beliefs as Christians, in a fun, interactive, and open way.  We incorporate our beliefs into the songs in Worship, grace sung at lunch, songs sung at Vespers and Campfire, and will have a Pastor-of-the-day delivering a short message geared to kids of all ages.  We strive to share our beliefs in a non-threatening, simple way that encourages love, honesty, kindness, and caring.  Many of our campers do not attend church, but thoroughly enjoy their experience at our camp. We will be open to answering any further questions you may have.

Q.  Will I be able to register for summer camp sessions that day?

A.    Yes, we will have our registrar on hand to receive registrations as needed, and you will be able to pay by credit card or cheque.

Q.  I am a Youth Group leader who wants to attend the event.  Am I expected to be a "cabin leader" even if I haven't been to camp before?

A.    Yes, we are asking if you could as a leader to a group of kids, including your own youth group, but do not have to have any previous experience with camp.  We need you to provide enthusiasm to a group of kids for the day, and help them to follow the schedule and find their way around the building.  Our goal is to keep all kids safe and monitored throughout the day, while we provide a fun and exciting opportunity to learn about camp.  Also, we want to show adults such as yourself  our camp experiences that exist for adults and families (Camp Kwasind is for kids of all ages!)




If you have any further questions, please email us at