SESSION 1: Your Wildest Adventure

There is no better way to start your summer than with experiencing YOUR WILDEST ADVENTURES – each day is a new day of adventures and you never know what the next day will hold or where the theme will go as we chase after all our wildest and fun adventures.  This week will be one of the greatest experiences of memory-making WOW moments as we encounter a God who loves the whole world and shows us how life with Him is the greatest adventure.

SESSION 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

Everybody loves Alice in Wonderland – but when camp become overtaken and turned into its own WONDERLAND, you have to wonder just what might happen.  All over camp there will be clues, with each wide-game potentially revealing more insights into figuring out just what is going to happen next as we follow the White Rabbit into one fun experience after another!  This week, though, will be more than just following the White Rabbit on adventures – it will be about further revealing the amazing life that happens when we choose to follow Jesus throughout our lives and see how the love and grace of God makes it possible to live life to the full!

SESSION 3: Kwasind’s Got Talent

At camp we love the arts, creativity, and being able to see how talented both staff and campers can be!  This will be guaranteed to be a week full of hilarious memories, special “awe moments” and fun cabin challenges!  Get ready to see something that you have never seen before at Kwasind and be part of making lasting memories at campfire, around camp and with your cabinmates! But more importantly, you will see that God created each one of us with talents, gifts and abilities for his glory and for how we can live out God’s love for our world.

SESSION 4: A Rockin’ Troll Birthday

Who wouldn’t want to get a whole week of partying TROLL style!  At camp we have lots of rocks and trees and forest and adventure opportunities – just like the TROLLs, who really know how to party it up and make memorable moments.  With fun & laughter this week will see our camp transformed into our own Troll adventure with great music and fun challenges.  Ultimately, we will see that the greatest party is the party that happens as we celebrate those who choose to follow Jesus and live eternally in an eternal heavenly party and celebration!

SESSION 5: Underwater Mashup

Kwasind has the greatest waterfront, but it also has the greatest land for water fun, both on and off the water!  This week will be one crazy, hilarious, adventurous week where, throughout the week, there will be random characters from underwater-themed movies making an appearance and all sort of surprise visits and adventures as we see just what amazing stuff is found under the sea!  As there is a whole new world under the sea, we will explore how God created our world with so much to discover, and that there is the beauty of His world, full of such diversity, all united together in the family of God through his Son, Jesus.

SESSION 6: It’s Gotta Be The Force

The new Star Wars movie is being released and Kwasind is going to put its own special spin on this EPIC saga! There will be lightsabres, stormtroopers, the darkish & The Force, but there is going to be so much more on this galactic journey through space seeking to find that which has gone missing and to restore it to its rightful place.  And as we follow this epic saga, we know the greatest story is God’s story that is lived out in and through our lives as we choose to follow Jesus. And like the journey through the great unknown of space, so we too will see how our journey looking for the meaning of our lives can be found in the person and message of Jesus.

SESSION 7: Treasure Hunter

There is TREASURE on Kwasind property and we need to find it!  With shovel, spades and whatever else we can find we will follow the clues, fend off pirates, and look for the buried treasure.  We will have to team up together, challenge each other, and explore all of camp to see if we can find just where the treasure could possibly be buried.  This memorable week will be one where we never quite know what to expect, or where we can find what we are looking for. But as we have tons of fun looking for treasure and have wild camp experiences, we will finding something more important – that we are considered treasure by God the Creator and that our real treasure is not found here on earth but in an eternal relationship with Jesus.