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Being at a camp where you know you belong!

Spend time with friends!

From sail boats to canoes to kayaks, there are so many ways to enjoy the lake with new and old friends.


Our Vision

Camp Kwasind seeks to be a:

  • CHAMPION for the importance and life-changing value of Christian Camping
  • CATALYST for the development of young Christian leaders to influence their world
  • BRIDGE for the next generation in taking one step closer to Jesus & the local church.

“Our daughter loved her time at camp.”

We sent our kids to camp for the first time and none of us knew quite what to expect. When we picked them up, they didn’t want to leave. Our daughter loved her time at camp and we barely got out of the parking lot before she asked if we could come again next year.

Joan M.

Camper Parent

“It was Lauren’s first time at sleep away camp…”

… and she had an amazing time! She was so excited to see the video and share it with us last night. I think it’s fantastic that you do this – it creates a nice memory for the kids and lets the parents get a peek into their child’s time at camp.


Camper Parent

“She came home from camp raving that she loved the food.”

This was Katie’s first time at Kwasind and she absolutely LOVED it!  Katie is definitely a “picky eater”. She came home from camp raving that she loved the food and tried some NEW things that she loved. She discovered that pulled pork on a bun is “awesome”.

Katie's Mom

Camper Parent


Week Dates Ages
Week 1 Jun 30-July 6 7-15
Week 2 July 7-13 7-15
Week 3 July 14-20 7-15
Week 4 July 21-27 7-15
Week 5 July 28 – Aug 2 7-15
Week 6 Aug 5 – 10 7-15
Week 7 Aug 11 – 16 7-15
Teen Week Aug 25 – 31 14-17
L.I.T. Jun 31-July 28 16-17
L.E.A.P. July 28-Aug 10 13-15
Explorers – Girls Aug 18-24 9-12
Explorers – Boys Aug 18-24 9-12


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Us? Thanks for asking

Camp Kwasind was founded in 1944. It is proudly affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and is a fully accredited member of Christian Camping International and the Ontario Camping Association.



  • A champion for the importance of every kid experiencing Christian camping
  • A catalyst for developing young Christian leaders
  • A bridge between those on route to God and the local church

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